Informations about MwStop®

MwStop® can be installed in virtually any pipe, even retrospectively, in just a few minutes and provides immediate effective protection against flooding, foreign bodies and annoying odours. The wide MwStop® range ensures that the right MwStop® model is available for every application, whether it is for backwater protection of the sewer system, for use in rainwater pipes or for preventing odour formation in mixed sewers.

There are numerous reasons for backwater. Heavy rainfall, pipe blockages, operational failure in the pumping station, backwater from water bodies or other overloading of the sewage system, suddenly occurring large quantities of water can quickly exceed the capacity of the sewage system. MwStop® protects against backwater, penetrating water and foreign bodies in buildings, sewage and rainwater pipes. MwStop® also provides effective protection against unpleasant odours from sewers.

Sizes up to DN 1800

MwStop® grant efficient protection against water back-flow, flooding and annoying odors


  • backflow prevention
  • odor control
  • flushing

MwStop® – Advantages

  • extremely low pressure drop
  • without moving parts
  • applicable for all pipe materials and sizes
  • simplest installation
  • long lifetime
  • maintenance-free

scope of applications

  • main sewer
  • sewers
  • rainwater pipes
  • clarifier basin